first look!

Although yesterday was a busy day at work, I anxiously waited for the evening. Not because of a big night out or event, but because a customer would have a first look at her new artwork.  This person wasn't just any customer, she was my first... at least in purchasing my art.  I have a couple of my own pieces, my sister has a large one, and a few others have smaller items that had been gifts or just passed along.  But this was a first... a large canvas print purchased for their home! 

As I saw her email had arrived, I got a little nervous.  I knew that both her and her boyfriend had discussed each decison in their choice, but what if they didn't like it?  My fears quickly went away as I read what she had written.  She loved it; he loved it.  It was worth the wait to read what she said next... "THANK YOU a million times over, we really love this and it definately feels like a more 'personal' piece in our home." 

This was probably one of the best emails that I've received, and I am sure that I will keep it as a reminder of making my first sale.

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  1. YAY Carrie!! I am so proud of you! I love my CSteinbeck original.. and I believe it just may have been the inspiration for this piece.. I knew JJK and JKR would LOVE their piece and I can't wait to see it the next time I am in Chicago! Dad would be very proud of you too!


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