how has CANCER changed you?

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month! This week $5 from any card sale or $10 from any artwork sale at http://steinbeckdesign.etsy.com/ will be donated to help cancer research at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center! Custom items or requests included!

Cancer has greatly affected my life and I feel that each person can make their small difference in helping to find a cure.  Any donations will be made to the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center Young Ambassadors.  This group is made of all young professionals raising funds and awareness to help researchers in their path for a cure.  Learn more about this organization at http://www.vicc.org/youngambassadors

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  1. thanks for following my blog, I'm your newest follower. I could write a book on how cancer has affected me (my mom's). But, the best thing it has done for me is make me grateful for my health and happy life.


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