stocking stuffer ideas

As I work to complete my Christmas shopping for 2010, I have been on the search for great stocking stuffer ideas.  For me, they make great co-worker or acquaintance gifts.  Of course though, there are a wide range of products and price ranges to choose from out there.  Here are a few great items that I own (in different price ranges) that I would most certainly buy for others or suggest for your list!

1.  INEXPENSIVE:  COPCO Travel Mugs ($6-$10)  Best to-go mug I own!

2.  MID-RANGE:  Vera Bradley Duffel Bags ($49-$80)  Great for road trips and weekend getaways!

3.  EXPENSIVE:  Bond No. 9 Fragrances ($85-$300)  My favorite is Andy Warhol Union Square, but they have many more scents to choose!  

Etsy Sellers… I am working on a couple Etsy Stocking Stuffer lists to also include here and as treasuries.  If you have items that you would like for me to consider featuring, please leave a comment here with the item and link.  Both adult and children items are will be used!   Make sure to post before Friday, December 5 at noon (Central). 

I am looking forward to seeing all your great ideas and products!  Also be sure to follow me!