25 Things Every Woman Should Know

19. If you want to be told you look gorgeous, tell people
they look stunning. We’re all the prettiest girl in the room,
depending on the day, the hour, and the room.

Yesterday I ran across an Ask E. Jean column on Elle.com entitled (yes, I borrowed for blog title), “25 Things Every Woman Should Know”.   After reading, I instantly wanted to read all of her columns!  However, this will take some time… maybe a rainy Sunday afternoon. 

Each of the items have a touch of humor to them, but they are oh so true.  I hope you enjoy the humor and little reminders as much as I did.  And remember to tell all the girls around you they are stunning! 

Happy Weekend!


  1. Brooke rocks.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend. xoxo.

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    Really cool article and a good read. Thanks.:)

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