weekend run-down

It was a great (long) weekend that flew by with all the activity.  I even had a little bit of down time late on Sunday afternoon... needless to say, I will probably want a few naps along the way this week. 

Friday:  Girls Day with CE
You know us girls... start with a little shopping followed by mexican and margaritas.    

Saturday:  Basketball & Mimosas
Most of us from Kentucky know that Saturdays from November to April are planned around a little game.  The time may vary, but the importance is always the same.   Mom arrived for an overnight visit... with the "puppies".  They are afterall the babies of the family. While they took an afternoon nap, the girls (Mom, sister and I) cheered on the Cats to victory.  We celebrated the killer win with dinner and drinks.

Sunday: Lost in the Woods
Yes, we did get lost in the woods... all three of the Steinbeck girls.  However, I will take the blame for this one and learned a lesson that won't soon be forgotten.  On walking trails, don't always follow the one-way signs.  After six-miles and too many hills to count, we were finally out of the woods and starving for brunch.  I think the dogs were just as whipped from the weekend as I was, but know that everyone had a grand weekend!  

Last, but not least... today my little sister celebrates her birthday!  I hope she has had a great big happy one!  


  1. A great big happy one indeed! Can't wait to celebrate more this weekend!! Thanks Carrie Rae, love you!

  2. Carrie, saw that you were from Nashville. How do you like it? We may be moving there next year:)


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