the weekend: warmer weather, workouts & new food

I am not sure what it is about this cold weather, but it makes me crave comfort foods.  With all the snow this week, it also doesn’t help that I have not made it to the gym as much as I had planned.  Although I am fully capable of getting a good workout in at home, my willpower was defeated. 

photo via http://rfriendsgym.com/

With warmer weather predicted for the weekend, I have no excuse not to put in a little extra at the gym.   And, I know I have already had beyond my fair share of “cheat” meals for the week.   I also plan to get my grocery list mapped out for next week… with some new recipes.  I have only had time to find a couple, but the search is on for more. 
* For all the BIG BLUE fans out there… the game starts Saturday at noon (central).  We already kicked butt on one TN team this week, and now it is time to take down the other. 

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