what comes from the heart, goes to the heart

The snow and cold weather continues, but after Tuesday night’s meeting with the VICC Young Ambassadors I am feeling a little more energized and motivated.  It had been a long break from the group after awarding our two grants back in November.  This officially kicks off year two of our small, but ambitious group.  It is amazing to think about all the stories of each individual.  Each person has a deep connection to cancer – either a former or current patient, held the hand of loved ones through treatment, or lost a loved one to the horrifying disease.  Yet, these meetings are not sad or depressing… they are full of energy and passion and together fighting to do our small part in finding a cure! 

Next month it will be time to meet the new incoming members, which is sure to bring another layer of excitement. 

The meeting made me begin think about my own 2011 goals (not just the fundraising that I need to quickly getting started), but also my own personal goals for the year.  Everyone sets New Year resolutions, but sometimes I think it may be best to get the year started, let the dust settle a bit, and then take a closer look at the entire picture.  I still haven’t finalized a plan of attack on 2011, but the strategy is at least underway. 

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