all that is bitter & sweet

Yesterday I was able to meet and listen to Ashley Judd speak on her new book All That Is Bitter & Sweet.  I had been quite excited about the day for a couple of weeks.  Not only is she a strong, outspoken woman spending much of her time advocating for the rights of people around the world, but she is also a fan of University of Kentucky sports.  And... the event just happened to fall the day after the Cats beat UNC for a trip to the Final Four in Houston. 

Let the reading begin... and be sure to check out Ashley's new book on sale April 5. 

"Sure, girls from New York, they are tough. And girls from Georgia, they are sweet. But those born and bred feisty Kentucky girls, they are the ones you have to look out for. We have sugar and fire in our blood. We can ride a horse, be a debutante, throw a left hook and tell you the entire UK line-up all while making sweet tea. And if we have an opinion, you get to know it. We're both the pride and the downfall of the Bluegrass." - Ashley Judd

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  1. How awesome that you got to meet and listen to her speak about her book!!! I absolutely adore her and will definitely be getting her book. You have a fabulous blog and I am your newest follower.


  2. Love it! That is why I like her too....she's is a wildcat fan of course!
    Didn't know she was coming out with a book!

  3. She is speaking at Nashville's TEDx conference on April 9th. I will be there.

  4. Loving this...can't wait to get the book...great post honey! I hope you're having a fabulous Tuesday honey! I posted twice today, so hopefully you can stop by! Kori xoxo


  5. I have always loved Miss Judd as an actress...but after reading that, I think I might have a girl crush on her! She really is admiration-worthy...so awesome that you got to meet her...(c:

  6. I love the quote you included and all the Kentucky pride that's written all over your blog. I'm a Texas girl, born and bred, so I understand having immense pride in your state!

  7. What a great experience! I would love to meet her- she is fabulous! Can't wait to read this! Hugs xx


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