anxiously awaiting...

I can hardly wait... so much so, that I have already started to plan out my packing.  It may be for work and not play, but I won't complain.  A visit to one of my favorite cities is always a treat!  Not to mention - the shopping!  What would be on your next travel must-have list?  


  1. How exciting!!!! I'm having a great new giveaway to celebrate Spring Break. Make sure to go check it out! Kori xoxo


  2. Even if it is for work, you'll have a little extra non-work fun! I have an extensive tavel lust list...just no moo-lah to do so...maybe one day, someday!

  3. NO FAIR.... I still stand by my suggestion that you MUST have a chaperone... or at least a travel buddy, aka ME!


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