"making it a home" wish list

I could go on forever in what I would do to a house if I had endless money or just a really large budget.  I adore little bungalows and Nashville is filled with them.  One day, oh one day. 

What would be on your decorating wish list... if money were no object?  

{photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}


  1. First, I should say- love your blog Carrie!

    Next, this post is killing me. I have been aching to totally redo my entire house lately. I sit and stare at the walls, the furniture, the windows...well, everything...and just wish that a pile of money would come down from the sky so I could do all I want to do.

    Instead, I'll probably buy some fabric to make some new drapes and paint a wall and pray that'll do the trick and keep me happy until I have some more money!

  2. I think my decorating list would be right along these lines! I adore that kelly green dresser- so gorgeous! Hugs xx, Annemarie

  3. this collection is seriously gorgeous. love the distressed green dresser, the coil stools, and the vintage door in the patio area.

  4. That little patio is perfect for an evening date with wine and some great conversation. Hope you are doing well honey! Kori xoxo

  5. I really love the look of rustic wood.These are beautiful finds. That little green dresser is awesome!
    Hope your week is a smooth one!

  6. Wow... I love it all. The barstools are too cool!


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