oh, the stress in packing

I realized this past weekend that my next {long} work trip is sneaking up on me faster than I could imagine.  I hinted to my destination here.  So far the only thing that I have actually accomplished is getting my plane ticket booked.  I haven't started planning out my packing, shopped for any new goodies, or purchased a few necessary items such as converters.  I need to get busy... right away! 

It is always more stressful to pack for a trip that involves both work and fun, especially when you are flying out of the country.  The next few weeks are going to go by in a flash.  I admit that I am rather excited, but how will I ever get everything done?! 
{items: Anthopologie dress & tunic, Chic Leather bag, Cole Haan pumps, Frye boots, JCrew trench}


  1. I hate packing! It's always stressful, but so worth it once you're there! Hope you had a great weekend doll! Kori xoxo


  2. Looks like a great start...not my favorite thing to do either~

  3. Just found your fun blog. I agree I hate packing... but even worse unpacking!! Have fun! Come by and visit me some time at I ♥ Nap Time.

  4. Hi Carrie!

    Packing and the last few days before leaving are quite stressful for me - so much to do and stuff to prepare but its definitely fun once you get to your destination.

    I love your job! You get to travel :)


  5. To-do-lists are your best friend in those times!

  6. Ohh, cute choices so far! Looks like a pretty stylish work trip :) Good luck with the rest of packing!


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