change of plans

I couldn’t resist telling the (what is now funny) story of my adventure in attempting to travel abroad.  A little over a week ago, my day was fully planned hour-by-hour.  It was started off by wrapping up a week of sales conference before flying to Chicago and then jumping the pond to London.  It had been an extensive week of work, and I was fully prepared to sleep the entire long, overnight flight.  I was also looking forward to a free day in London before work kicked off on Sunday. 

After arriving at the airport, I am almost immediately forced to switch my mind into plan B.  My flight from Nashville to Chicago had been delayed due to weather. I would only have a 20 minute window to get to my connecting flight, but choose to take the risk and hope for the best.  If I missed my connection, there would be another flight the next morning.  I check my bag and continue to the gate to alert them of my predicament as instructed at the check-in counter. 

As I arrive at the gate, the attendant tells me more bad news.  The flight to Chicago had been cancelled all together.  I would be heading back home and catching the morning flight to Chicago after all. 

No more free day in London.  Boo!   

So, I proceed to go through the steps of arriving home from a flight that was never taken.

The next morning (after only a couple hours of sleep), I arrive again at the airport to begin my trip - round 2.  We are boarded onto the plane and hear the pilot tell us that our flight is taking a different flight plan to avoid turbulence.  Our new estimated arrival time was 8:57 am… 2 minutes after my connecting flight is scheduled to depart.  I am stuck on a plane for 2 hours having no idea if I would be making it to London that day or not.  I kept asking myself if this just some bad joke or was it really happening?

My fears were confirmed as we descended into Chicago.  We land, un-board, and I took off running through O’Hare (not an easy task, especially in boots).  My rush to the gate finished with a collapse onto the gate desk and watching my plane make the turn to the runway. 

I was beyond exhausted at that point.  The long week of work, lack of sleep, and now three security checks later, proved to be too much.  After a brief breakdown, I decide the only thing to make me feel better… a full breakfast complete with Belgium waffles. I had no choice but to make O’Hare my friend for the next 8 hours. 
It was a long day of trying to entertain myself at the airport.  Thank goodness for a great book and my iPhone!  And then finally, good news.  The flight was on time, no issues boarding, and I even had a pretty good seat.  Whew, 24 hours after my original flight was scheduled to leave, I was finally making my way to London.

The rest of the trip was great.  More to come in the next couple of days…

I am now back at home.  After a long weekend of sleep, I believe I’m finally back on Central time.  

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