my week of events & food

At times my job can be demanding, complicated, draining, and some days you just walk away asking yourself if you are dealing with professionals or 15 year-old teenagers.  However, I absolutely LOVE IT!   The complications make it interesting.  Those little 15 year-olds make you laugh and realize you are glad you have passed that phase in life.  Just another day in the life of a event and trade show planner, aka my 'day job'.   

I am presently halfway through a full week of conferences – with long presentations, big lunches and events almost every evening.  It is a hectic week (and one of the reasons I have been MIA from blogging this week).  Something making the week better… having dinners and receptions planned at just a few of my favorite Nashville restaurants (in no particular order). 

Tavern  |  Boscos  |  Flyte  |  Urban Flats

I rarely have time to work out during the week since by the time I make it home at night, it is time for bed.  It happens to be worse when there is food everywhere!  Not a good combination.  It is difficult, but I do have tricks… like selecting desserts that I can turn down effortlessly.

* p.s. Don’t worry if you don’t hear from me for a few days - I promise I am not in a food coma somewhere.  The next few weeks look to be even more chaotic, but I plan to have some exciting new posts just around the corner.  I will also catch up on my reading in the meantime.

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  1. Seriously, there are desserts that you can turn down??? Now that is a trick I need to learn!!! (c: Have a great week, looks like yours is going to be BUSY! (c:

  2. Hey honey! Where have you been? I miss your posts..thanks for stopping by today and commenting on Fashion Friday. Hope you can link up next week. Have a great Friday! Kori xoxo


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