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I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!  Today, I have been full of random thoughts.  Guess it is just one of those days. 

-          Yes, I am still alive.  I have been neglectful to writing and reading blogs, but the past few weeks have been a blur.  
-          As much as I was ready be home after a week in NYC, I realized this weekend how nice and quiet (yes, I said quiet) it was there without the cicada invasion to battle.

-          I thought Fleet Week’s Parade of Ships would be a bit more “parade-like”.  I was incorrect.  There is a lot of time between each of the incoming ships.  If I were in charge, I would make it one big parade of party!

-          There are some great sales to find during Memorial Day weekend.  I am behind, indeed, but never knew since I am normally found sun bathing and drinking on the lake. 

-          Going back to the office after a 4-day weekend and working out of the office for a week makes for a long first day back.  Tuesday = worse than a Monday.    

-          I finally watched Due Date last night.  Hilarious!  I needed a good ol’ funny movie, and may just watch again tonight for the laughs. 

-          Cicadas need to DIE!

-          I wish I had an email fairy. 

-          I can’t wait for tonight’s episode of The Voice.  I am addicted. 

-    After having my little sister, Kate, stay with me for a couple weeks, last night was very quiet in the house.  Even a little too quiet...  

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  1. I agree today has been a hard workday, but at least the week it almost halfway over :) Here's hoping it goes by quickly!


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