stores lending a hand

The past week has been a whirl of emotions for my family.  Yet through all of the bad, I have also been reminded of the great hearts existing out there.  It is amazing how much your friends and family come forward during a crisis.  From gift cards to chocolate chip cookies to prayers, or sending a care package – the support has flowed in all week.  It is also those that you barely know, have never met, or the businesses and stores that go above and beyond to show their compassion which make you take note of how much goodness there is in our world. 

While in the process of rebuilding, many of the stores and businesses that my sister has visited have given her some sort of help or discount along her way.  Since I always try to support companies that help others, I wanted take a moment to thank (and pass along the word) those that have helped our family. 

I can't thank everyone enough... the friends, family, employers, co-workers, stores, and more!

photos via {gap 1, 2, 3jcrew; express; banana republic 1, 2, 3; the cosmetic market; downtown nashville nissan}


  1. Carrie, I am so sorry to hear about your sister's apartment. Wow, life can throw some serious curveballs...and I guess sometimes that is what allows us to experience the generosity and kindness of mankind. I am so happy to know these businesses supported.
    Much love and prayers!

  2. I hope things are looking up for your sister. It's amazing that these incredible brands are stepping up for him. Very heartwarming :)


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