beautiful words

Life gets busy for each of us, but sometimes we just have to slow down and remember to take in some inspiration.  I love finding great little quotes and motivating words.  

This is one week that I need to take my own advice... so, I am planning a little retail therapy this weekend at the flea market.  Hoping to run across a few great finds for more little projects around the house. 

Any advice for a first-time flea market hunt? 

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  1. Retail therapy cures all.

    Laughing at yourself also helps, a lot.

    I spilled things 3 times yesterday, and instead of crying of the (literally) spilled milk, I laughed and laughed.

    Can't wait to hear what you bought :)

  2. Great quotes! If I ever had the guts to get a tattoo it would be my fav quote/song lyric :)

  3. I couldn't agree more with that first quote!
    Love the picture along with it too!
    Great dose of inspiration!


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