A week ago, I was just getting home from a mini-getaway to Ft. Walton Beach, Florida with one of my good friends and her little boy, G.  After a long drive, we arrived in Florida just in time for
torrential rain. [ugh] The sun finally did show up about 24 hours later and I got two days of great weather before having to fly back home to get back to work.  It was short, but a good break from Nashville.  A few random happenings that didn't make it to photos...
  * G is a major flirt at just 10 months old, even flirting with ladies across the room
  * A DVD player + Baby Einstein = total baby entertainment for a nine hour drive
  * There's a town in Alabama called OPP... made it necessary to bring out some 90's rap



  1. What a great vacay! I'm jealous :) And I love that little G is a G ;-)

  2. Dying to get my little guy to the beach! This looks like so much fun!


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