kentucky autumn

This weekend I was back in Kentucky where fall is in full effect.  Days on the lake are some of my favorite and autumn is a beautiful time of year, but I already miss the summer days when the water is still warm and sunset is after 6 pm.  

I am wishing that this winter isn't as bad as they are predicting, daylight hours seem longer than they actually are, and we have some amazing boot sales in the meantime to keep us warm!  



  1. Ah! I love it here in KY, I love that we get all 4 seasons. I'm with you though, summer could stick around a little longer! And the snow can come and go quickly (fingers crossed for this winter!) BEAUTIFUL pictures!

  2. OMG visit KY is not on my bucket list (at least visit during the fall) these pics are beautiful! THe colors are just amazing...oh I miss the leaves changing during the fall. Here in San Diego we don't get to much of that. :-)

    I stumbled upon your blog and just had to comment! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

    Come on over and join my new color issue blog...all about color :-)



  3. Kentucky IS gorgeous in the fall. We will get a glimpse as we drive through over thanksgiving if there isn't already snow on the ground!

  4. Christy Oliphant11/4/11, 12:02 AM

    Gorgeous pics, Carrie!

  5. Your photography is breathtaking!


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