"a blind date with knowledge"

Almost everyone has been touched by cancer, and it’s a personal experience for everyone… no matter if you are the patient, family member, or friend.  About a year ago, I was honored that my sister and I were asked to join a group of young philanthropists, the Young Ambassadors, who are committed to supporting the research conducted at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center (VICC). 

Having lost a parent to cancer in 2007, I have a strong motivation for finding a cure!  I am not a doctor or researcher and know that my education, skills or personality would not fit well into either of those functions.  Nonetheless, I can and will continue to help raise awareness and funds for additional research. 

What makes the VICC Young Ambassadors unique is who and how the group funds research.  The money raised each year goes to a fund one or more Discovery Grants which provide seed funding for young researchers to pursue bold ideas in the lab that can lead to breakthrough discoveries in the fight against cancer.  You can learn more here. 

As we kick off 2011, I tried to create a way for anyone to help with our cause and raise a little awareness at the same time.  Funds are tight for all and donations are normally among the first items cut.  And so, the “Blind Date with Knowledge” print was created.  Each print is $15, but of that cost $10 will be donated straight to the Young Ambassador’s VICCtory Over Cancer fund. 

The goal:  sell 100 prints and show that although $10 doesn’t seem like a large donation, it can quickly turn into $1,000. 


Print is 11x17 inches printed on 100 lb. Gloss Coated Paper

Print will be shipped in a solid cardboard tube with layer of paper for added protection.
Shipping only $4 for 1 print or 50.

or if you aren't a member...