random ramblings

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!  Today, I have been full of random thoughts.  Guess it is just one of those days. 

-          Yes, I am still alive.  I have been neglectful to writing and reading blogs, but the past few weeks have been a blur.  
-          As much as I was ready be home after a week in NYC, I realized this weekend how nice and quiet (yes, I said quiet) it was there without the cicada invasion to battle.

-          I thought Fleet Week’s Parade of Ships would be a bit more “parade-like”.  I was incorrect.  There is a lot of time between each of the incoming ships.  If I were in charge, I would make it one big parade of party!

-          There are some great sales to find during Memorial Day weekend.  I am behind, indeed, but never knew since I am normally found sun bathing and drinking on the lake. 

-          Going back to the office after a 4-day weekend and working out of the office for a week makes for a long first day back.  Tuesday = worse than a Monday.    

-          I finally watched Due Date last night.  Hilarious!  I needed a good ol’ funny movie, and may just watch again tonight for the laughs. 

-          Cicadas need to DIE!

-          I wish I had an email fairy. 

-          I can’t wait for tonight’s episode of The Voice.  I am addicted. 

-    After having my little sister, Kate, stay with me for a couple weeks, last night was very quiet in the house.  Even a little too quiet...  


stores lending a hand

The past week has been a whirl of emotions for my family.  Yet through all of the bad, I have also been reminded of the great hearts existing out there.  It is amazing how much your friends and family come forward during a crisis.  From gift cards to chocolate chip cookies to prayers, or sending a care package – the support has flowed in all week.  It is also those that you barely know, have never met, or the businesses and stores that go above and beyond to show their compassion which make you take note of how much goodness there is in our world. 

While in the process of rebuilding, many of the stores and businesses that my sister has visited have given her some sort of help or discount along her way.  Since I always try to support companies that help others, I wanted take a moment to thank (and pass along the word) those that have helped our family. 

I can't thank everyone enough... the friends, family, employers, co-workers, stores, and more!

photos via {gap 1, 2, 3jcrew; express; banana republic 1, 2, 3; the cosmetic market; downtown nashville nissan}


life can change in an instant

I ran across this today and thought that it was very fitting.  Yesterday was one of those days that as my sister put it, "It is amazing how quickly life can change." This is could not be more true.  However, I couldn't be any more thankful that God was watching over her. 

* Click here to see the news story.  {P.S. Sister was not the one who jumped.}

image via Rar Rar Press


kentucky weekend

I spent this past weekend back in Kentucky with my mom on the lake.  During the summer it is my little escape when I need some down-time.  The "puppies" love getting the extra attention when my sister and I visit.  They will always be just other kids in the family. 

Although in that area, they have only had a fraction of the flooding and water that other places are seeing; it is still amazing just how much water has backed up in the lakes and rivers. 

My heart goes out to all those that have lost family, homes, land, and businesses due to the harsh weather this spring.


and they're off!

This weekend is the 137th running of the Kentucky Derby.  It is a grand event for horse lovers, fans, and celebrities alike.  And... second only to the horses, it is all about the fashion, but most importantly - your hat!  I will be watching from my mom's house in Kentucky as we celebrate the Derby and Mother's Day! 

Get your mint juleps ready for an afternoon of fun and an exciting 2 minutes of racing! 

Have a great weekend!  And Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!
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one big leap!

Well, I took a “big girl” step yesterday.  Now I can’t decide if I now need a big drink to calm my nerves or a trash can to catch them.  In some ways I feel like I started the process of signing my life away, but hopefully it will all be worth it. 

Obviously it is only the first step of many to come, but I have actually put in my very first offer on a place that I could eventually call my own.  As I write this, I am still sitting on the edge of my chair waiting to hear back from my agent.  It is stressful.  I have always loved looking at homes and how people decorate their spaces.  When it is your money and signature, though, it is an entirely different game.  You have to weigh your original “must-haves” and “likes” a little differently when you are no longer playing with Monopoly money.

Staging makes a big difference when looking at homes!

I have my fingers crossed, but whatever happens I know that everything will work out. If this first option doesn’t work out as planned, something better may come along just around the corner. 

In other news, my Wednesday morning started off with a great surprise. Before even getting to work this morning, I received an email from Beth of Eat. Drink. Smile. (one of my favorite blogs) to find that I was the winner of her latest giveaway!  I am thrilled and can’t wait to try out some new things from Alison Lewis400 Best Sandwich Recipes.  Be sure to check out Beth’s blog!  You won’t be disappointed that you did, but I can’t promise that it won’t make you hungry for great food.

Happy Wednesday!