*good days are

Don't you wish all days were like this?  

I love weekends at the lake.  It is a little escape to slow down and take in some sun. Summer officially came into season yesterday, and I could not be more happy.  My favorite is finally here. happy day!



weekend finds & new local favorites

Rainy Saturdays are a perfect time to grab a friend and having a little shopping spree.  Since April, I had planned to check out the flea market. One little problem, I had put it in my calendar so early that I didn’t even realize I had put it down for the wrong weekend.  That outing will have to wait until next weekend.  Oops! Luckily, I did find this out before heading out for our outing. 

So, Saturday morning I was sitting on the couch early with no idea what to do with my day.  The first idea of getting some sun was quickly squashed after seeing the weather report.  Next idea on the list… a day of shopping. 

My friend, Ellen, and I decided we would spend the day checking out some stores around Nashville that we had never visited.  It was a great day, and we didn’t even break the bank!   Here are some of the great finds that I had to bring home with me… and one purchase that is being saved for a little later. 

{one} picture frame from Nadeau | $12
{two} Hobo wallet with free personalization from Nashville Trunk & Bag | $18
{three} custom Lotus silver necklace from Whats In Store | $37
{four} mint green kitchen cart from Nadeau | $144

The kitchen cart was a perfect size.  Still, after finding out they expected to get more in a range of colors, I decided to wait to see what other options may come available. 

I can't even tell you how much fun I had searching through these stores. Each of these stores has become new favorite!  Check them out, either locally or online!  What are some of your favorite local stores?  



summer fashion wish list

{yellow dress, swimsuit, earrings, clutch, sandals, maxi dress}
My summer wish list is growing!  I have seen some great fashion posts recently, which gives me the urge to go shopping.  I did just get home from NYC a few weeks ago, but didn’t have much time for shopping… although, I did make a trip to Zara. {Speaking of which, please, oh please come to Nashville or start selling online!}  I am trying to space out my purchases, but it doesn’t help that this season has such great fashion.

Happy Friday and here’s to a wonderful weekend!

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beautiful words

Life gets busy for each of us, but sometimes we just have to slow down and remember to take in some inspiration.  I love finding great little quotes and motivating words.  

This is one week that I need to take my own advice... so, I am planning a little retail therapy this weekend at the flea market.  Hoping to run across a few great finds for more little projects around the house. 

Any advice for a first-time flea market hunt? 

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weekend project... from door to chalkboard!

For a few years, I've used dining room as my office.  Since it was the center of the home, it made sense to me.  Recently, however, I decided to make a change to have an actual dining room.  I guess I was tired of eating at either the kitchen counter or on the living room floor. 

When I had originally created my desk, I had used a stained slab door with two matching bookcases on either end as the "legs".  So what do you do with an extra door just lying around the house?  My answer: a giant chalkboard for my new dining room.

It was an easy one-day project and I love the end result!  Just a little bit of prep work, paint, and patience.  ...And it only totaled $30!  I did already have the door, but you can find one at any Home Depot, Lowes, etc for around $20.  Here's how it was done...

1)   Sand the door to remove any rough edges and then wipe down.  Use painters tape around the edges and then apply one coat of primer. 

2)   Apply chalkboard paint with roller (as instructed by Home Depot staff) to give a smoother surface.  My project took two full coats of paint, with 4 hours of drying time between the coats.  Remove tape after 2 hours of your final coat & let sit undisturbed for three days.

3)   The final step once is to take a piece of chalk and brush a layer over the entire surface of the chalkboard.  Once you erase…  It is all ready to use!
I am still working on completing my dining room makeover, but will have more photos soon when I finish a few other projects. 


moving day

I have decided to make the move to my own domain.  If there are bugs or issues over the next few days... please be patient as the system updates.  The new address will be http://www.steinbecksays.com.  I have been busy with projects around the house this weekend, so made sense to do a little 'address makeover' to the blog as well. 

Hope you are having a most wonderful weekend!


am/pm products I can't be without

6. Moroccan Oil Light, 7. Bio Ionic brush & a wide tooth comb,

Over the past few weeks, I have realized just how dependent I (but hopefully I'm not alone) have become on a few items stocked or ready in my bathroom at all times.  Some of these items I have been using for years, but others are slightly newer in my routine.  

Everyone has their own beauty loves... what are yours?