A week ago, I was just getting home from a mini-getaway to Ft. Walton Beach, Florida with one of my good friends and her little boy, G.  After a long drive, we arrived in Florida just in time for
torrential rain. [ugh] The sun finally did show up about 24 hours later and I got two days of great weather before having to fly back home to get back to work.  It was short, but a good break from Nashville.  A few random happenings that didn't make it to photos...
  * G is a major flirt at just 10 months old, even flirting with ladies across the room
  * A DVD player + Baby Einstein = total baby entertainment for a nine hour drive
  * There's a town in Alabama called OPP... made it necessary to bring out some 90's rap



vintage inspiration

Recently I have needed a little inspiration for ideas around the home.  I love finding great vintage or recycled items to mix with the new. 

Do you have favorite go-to shops for getting inspiration or items for decorating?


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in anticipation of adventure

I have been absent the last few weeks as I have been finishing up our busy season at work.  I apologize for not keeping up with the great blogs I follow, but am trying to begin catching up.  It feels like I have gone non-stop since early April.  I love being busy, but glad that things may start slowing down just slightly. 

In just over two months, I will board a ship for a seven-day cruise. (ahhh, fun in the sun and no phones!)  I am ready now to get the fun started.  We will visit three beautiful islands… Coco Cay, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. 

During one of the stops, we will be attending the wedding of a close family friend.  “J” and I have grown up together since fourth grade and it will be fun to see her get married on vacation.     

This will be my first cruise, so I will admit that I am a little nervous. However, most of the anxiety comes from just not knowing everything there is to know about getting ready for the cruise.  Just the thought of packing for 7 days... oh my! 

Have you been to any of these destinations?  If you love cruises and have any advice or suggestions, please send my way.  I would love to get some additional insight. 

Here's to a great week!


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14th street antiques - atlanta, ga

Last week while in Atlanta for work, I took a break during set up to visit one of the best antique malls in the city, 14th Street Antiques.  A couple of co-workers and I had only a short time to make it through the large store.  However, we could have easily spent another hour or two browsing.  I took photos in most of the booths in their marketplace section {amazing}.  So many that I couldn't even get them into one blog post.  I only wish I could have had a longer time to spend looking, more cash, and a Uhaul to get it all home.  



Independence Day... lake style

necklace  |  swimsuit  |  sunscreen  |  fedora   |  beach bag  | sunglasses  |  flip flops

Ahhh, my favorite weekend of the year!  My family always does it up big, and has done so as long as I can remember.  It is a party all weekend long!   Early morning skiing while the lake is still glass, lots of sun, margaritas, food, family, and friends!  You can't ask for much more. 

Here's to a happy Independence Day weekend!  Cheers!


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